The Hospice Nursing Community
The Hospice Nursing Community
James Dibben

Welcome to The Hospice Nursing Community

Your source for hope, help and encouragement for hospice nursing success.

What is The Hospice Nursing Community?

Welcome to The Hospice Nursing Community! We are thrilled to have you join this community of dedicated hospice nurses, and those considering hospice as a specialty. Here, you can connect with experienced hospice nurses, ask questions, and share your experiences. We hope this platform serves as a resource for you throughout your career as a hospice nurse. Let's work together to build a supportive and inspiring community!

This community is hosted by James Dibben with and host of The Hospice Nursing Podcast.

Monthly Recertification Round Table Discussions

Join James Dibben live via zoom as he helps you recertify those challenging patients. (Available to premium members.)

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Hospice nurse group coaching sessions are a great way to provide support and education to nurses working in the hospice setting. These sessions can help nurses learn more about the unique challenges they face as they care for terminally ill patients, as well as providing an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. The sessions can also provide an opportunity for nurses to discuss issues related to end-of-life care, such as symptom management and ethical considerations. These sessions can be facilitated by hospice staff or a professional coach.

Specialized Groups

Do you feel alone as a hospice nurse? Join other hospice nurses in role-specific groups designed just for you.

What plans are available for purchase?

There are two plans available for purchase. 

The first plan is the Premium plan. This plan includes weekly live group coaching sessions, and the monthly recertification round table discussions with James and other hospice nurses. The premium plan includes access to every space within the community. 

The second plan is a one-time purchase that gives you total and permanent access to the community.

You can purchase these plans after you sign up for an account. You can click the images below as well.